Surf and turf

Land Ho!!!

We started seeing the lights of Barbados at about 1:00am (UTC).
It was a beautiful sight sailing past all the lights in the middle of the night and also a little strange not to stop there. But we were on a schedule and therefore did not have the time to stop.
Leveraging the internet, we downloaded a few missing charts, caught up on emails until we saw Barbados disappear in the distance.
A few showers kept us cooled down until the sun came up. We realized quickly that there were more flying fish than normal as Jake was hit in the head by one and another landed on top of the dodger. We found at least another 30(!) of them all over the deck.
With only a day of sailing left, we pulled the hydro generator in and started fishing. Of course, our favorite pink wobbler disappeared quickly, but we did not give up.
Thanks to Jake’s good eye, we managed to sail right into one of the areas of increased bird activity and did actually catch a fish! Using his NOLS expertise, Jake went ahead and massacred the Fish. With the help of Max, it was filleted, fried and eaten within the hour.
During all this activity, the sunset did not disappoint. Especially, as eagle-eye Antrim spotted Tobago in the distance, about 30nm away. Land Ho!!! (again)

Two “land ho”s in one day, catching a fish and a day long broad reaching in 27C/86F. What more can you ask for…

Our etmal today was 164nm.
We have less than 30nm to Tobago and from there later on another 60nm The folks at Dynamite Marine are ready us…
We also started preparations on our end, serviced some winches, checked all the canned foods for corrosion and made a high level plan for the remaining days.

Life is good.


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