Jibe Ho

Today was the first day we were talking about arriving. We are getting close. Barbados is about 75nm away and Tobago about 200. We will sail close to Barbados over night and hope to see at least a few lights (and Rihanna).
Apart from that, not much happened. We finally jibed and later took the spinnaker pole down (and were happy that the track’s lashing lasted all this way).
In terms of signs of life, we saw our third freighter of this trip last night and a whale over lunch.
As we weren’t satisfied with our sextant navigation the other day, we went through the process again today (but with equal inaccuracy).

The etmal today was 175nm.

PS: as none of us feel like eating the cabbage or squash we bought, we are planning to build a catapult tomorrow and practice our shooting skills to be ready for when the pirates come.


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