More of the same

If you read yesterday’s post, you know what we are doing:
surfing down the waves with our 14t surfboard.
Over night, lot’s of dark clouds were chasing us with their showers – but no more rain since sunrise, perfect sailing conditions!
There are lots of flying fish around. Josh found this one on deck this morning. Amazing how they fly and accelerate by hitting the waves with their tails during flight.

The spinnaker-pole track’s lashing is still holding, we recorded a top speed (in the few minutes we have the GPS on) of 13.4kn and tied our leg’s etmal record from Dec 22 of 176nm!

We have about 2-3 days or 430nm left and are well ahead of schedule. Maybe, we’ll stop in Tobago…

PS: one of our discussions today (aside from the usual world piece and how to run a country) was the promotion and greater acceptance of bar room brawling #amansgottadowhatamansgottado


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