Pole dancing

We are back in business.
After a night of stargazing, where we saw Polaris and the Southern cross together in one panoramic extravaganza, the wind picked back up enough to stabilize the boat and after lashing down the spinnaker pole track last night we decided it was time to pole out the genoa to starboard and jibe the main.

Of course that setup did not hold long and the remaining bottom piece of the track ripped out of the mast as well.
However, the track was held in place by the lashing and we doubled up on that to keep it all together.
The sailing is awesome. We are shooting down the waves with over 10kn and average 7-8kn. The wind is supposed to last for 2-3 more days and we hope the lashing will last that long. A bottle of bubbly is waiting in the fridge, waiting to be popped at midnight.

To those celebrating at the Dory Club tonight, we wish you all were here with us.

Our etmal today was 132nm.

A Happy New Year to you all!!!


3 thoughts on “Pole dancing

  1. At first glance I thought there was another boat crossing your bow dangerously close.
    You guys be safe. We’ll have the traditional pole a bear tomorrow instead (Got the pun? Got it?…)

    Have a happy New Year,


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