Back in the game

Ben and Josh had decided during their night watch to fully furl the genoa; a good move as that took the stress out of the system without significantly reducing our speed. The flapping noise of the genoa disappeared and the steering became a lot easier. We only had to deal with the rolling motion of the boat now.

The day started with a nice sunrise. The clouds were a lot smaller now and we enjoyed the very nice weather. Even the waves felt a little smaller and less chaotic.
At around 11:00 we reached the 2000nm milestone and celebrated that with a bottle of sparkling wine.
With the Northeasterly wind still on our back and calming to around 15kn in the afternoon, we decided to test our our sail configurations to keep boatspeed up.
Unfurling the genoa under whisker pole did not help as it was quite unstable and the pole too short.
We therefore hoisted the working jib up the mast in an attempt to rig another opposite the main sail. Of course the load was too much for the whisker pole and guess what, it broke again.
Other play games when they got bored, we brake whisker poles (and will bring more spares next time). Maybe Josh can work his magic one more time and rebuild the pole one more time ad we have about 800nm more downwind sailing ahead of us.

The mood today is much better than yesterday as we got used to the motion and enjoyed the fabulous weather.

Our etmal today was 160nm (exact same as yesterday).


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