The waves are back

We started the day with very large clouds that all brought their own showers along.
As our house bank somehow did not get charged sufficiently by the hydro-generator, we spent a fair bit of time reverse engineering the setup. The captain had the honor of spending about an hour in the whole under the cockpit floor measuring voltages and adjusting the charge controller settings (Peter would’ve been proud.).
After a 4 hour test period with all electronic systems switched off, we concluded that the generator was in fact charging the batteries, just not as much as we expected.
The wind increased throughout the day and the showers more or less subsided when the spinnaker pole not only broke the track on the mast but ripped that entire piece off the mast.

We collected all the pieces, jibed and poled out the half-furled genoa with the repaired whisker pole.
While we keep on tearing the boat apart, the downwind sailing has become quite challenging again as large rolling waves from the North now overlay the already sizable wind waves from the Northeast. Tioga is rolling heavily and sleep is at a premium.
The heavy rolling motion creates strong apparent winds from the side, luffing the genoa with incredible noise every 10 seconds. We hope to make it through the night and that sails and rigging do not sustain too much damage.

Jake made us nice quesadillas for dinner. We have by now finished all our tomatoes and are working on the remaining lattice , cucumbers and apples.

Our etmal today was 160nm.
Tomorrow we should hit our 2000 nm mark.
We have had better days out here…


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