Another day at the ranch

We are by now far enough south to appreciate the shade of the clouds more than the blue sky.
After making it through the night under spinnaker with a mild breeze from port, we jibed in the morning and made further West.
Josh repaired the remaining pieces of the whisker pole and we changed to gennaker and full main in the afternoon when the breeze was back as expected. Unfortunately,
We continue to struggle charging the house bank sufficiently. We currently believe that the hydro generator’s charge controller delivers a too fluctuating and too high voltage and will continue to troubleshoot tomorrow.

The stars are as bright as ever as we approach the New Moon.

Given the delay due to swimming and the low wind over night, our etmal was only 108nm this time.

Given the lighter winds than forecast, the question of the day was around how weather forecasts for these remote areas are developed (and mostly extremely accurately)?


One thought on “Another day at the ranch

  1. We are sitting at the table in Maine. Maureen, oli, Mariel, corrina, nick, Lolo,Linda, Lili… happy to have your latest post. 10-16″ of Snow on Thursday. We will think of you in the trees. Mariel quickly guessed that the bar tender had a water pistol… from yesterday’s post.




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