careful, there might be rocks

What a day.

We enjoyed watching lots of flying fish zooming around and a seabird chasing our lure. A couple of small whales swam with us for hours. After a nice breakfast and more downwind sailing the wind calmed down in the afternoon and we decided to drop the sails and go for a swim.
The water was warm and the visibility unbelievable. We had some fun with the still rigged spinnaker pole ripping us out of the 10000 ft deep water.
The gennaker was hoisted and we sailed into the sunset in the mild breeze. The wind should pick up soon and we will continue to chase high etmals.
Until then, we are enjoying the peace and quiet as well as Max’s exquisite music collections. Soon the Red Hot Chilli Peppers will take over…

Our etmal was 162nm.

A woman walks into a bar and orders a water. The bar tender points a gun at her and thenks him and leaves. What is the story?


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