Christmas Rappin

The venison Christmas meal last night turned out very well. We then opened the Christmas Box, the Captain had packed in Lanzarote, to find a collection of Christmas cookies and started looking for Christmas music – just to realize that none of us had brought any. So, Kurtis Blow’s Christmas Rappin had to do the trick.
The little foldable Christmas tree with blinking lights served as he disco ball (MC Lolo would have been proud).
The already long debate about the Yankee Swap rules continued until lunchtime today. We concluded after having finished an extensive bacon, eggs, cheese, potato brunch to add rolling dice and rock/paper/scissors to the swap to mix it up a little.
While Josh won rolling the dice and therefore first pick, Jake taught us how to get into the opponent’s head and successfully taking Ben’ pick, defending himself from the toxic green clouds emanating from the Hyperdino box; a lemon intended to complete the gin tonic set didn’t take the journey so well.
The crew wasn’t short on gift ideas. And the only tears shed, were tears of laughter. This photo was taken with the captain’s new Yankee Swap lens for his iPhone.

For dinner we dug out the kangaroo meet and were pleasantly surprised.

Our etmal today was again 165nm (exactly the same as yesterday) We are past the half-way point now and are counting down he miles.
The wind continues to blow from the north east and temperatures have reached 25C/80F. Life is still good, very good.


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