Dolphins are cool

We are still enjoying our very fast downwind runs despite the extreme rolling and noise inside the boat. While sleeping in these conditions is very hard, we are getting better at it.

Chef Ben continues working miracles in the kitchen. We had eggs, cheese, avocados and tomatoes in the morning, lots of Spanish cheeses & sausages for lunch and steak for dinner. Hilla’s “Rumkugeln” rounded off the meal plan.
We are surprised that we only just finished our first 5 gallon water canister (20l) after exactly one week on the ocean and not much more. Equally surprising is the fact that we did not drink any coffee at all yet. Instead we drink about 4 liters of juice a day.
While we through most trash over board, we keep all plastic and other non degradable items and just filled our first trash bag completely (so, no problem finding space for the remainder of the trip).
Highlights (next to perfect wind & weather and increasing temperatures) were the dolphins that visited us just before sunset. They were relatively small buggers and quite active (a pod of about 10).
We by now know how to identify some of the main stars for astronavigation (Sirius or Betelgeuse, for example ) but still have no clue what to do with that knowledge.
Due to a lower than expected battery charge we investigated the batteries and wiring before pulling the hydro generator in. That was a good call as it had wrapped itself around the towing line and, going backwards through the water had almost chafed the line through. We fixed the line and the generator is cranking out between 4-8A now. We hope that this will help charging batteries, but are not sure yet.

As we can only send three photos at a time, here are a few impressions of week1:

Our etmal was 172nm and we sailed our first 1000 nm by now!

Would you rather fight a duck the size of a horse or a thousand duck-sized horses?


One thought on “Dolphins are cool

  1. To your question: It depends, …. where ? On TIOGA, a plane, Tudor Beach, Times Square, or at the North Pole….. ? Also, in relation to yesterday’s mention of your “Disney Cruise”, which character are each of you ?


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