Rocking on

More blue water, more downwind sailing, more large waves and more blue skies – awesome sailing! Due to the high winds and poled out genoa, no fishing for a while.

Bacon&eggs, sandwiches; we’ll have salmon for dinner. But first, the next bag of Hilla’s cookie with a cup of malted wine.
For Ulf, and others that might be thinking we are on a Disney cruise for seniors (given our frequent naps, focus on food and the fact that we are covering our legs with blankets (foul weather gear jackets) during rain showers), we are not playing Bingo on this cruise yet. 😉

Highest etmal so far: 176nm (we expect to hit the 1000nm marker late today)

Below are a couple of impressions of the first 1000 miles:


2 thoughts on “Rocking on

  1. Hi Philip, You deserve some nice weather. You paid your dues on the east-bound trip. Nice going. We’ve enjoyed all your colorful commentary. What an adventure. Bob Anderson AY44-26


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