Chasing the dub

Our quest to make it further West got a little more challenging today. First,
The wind turned further East and therefore made it impossible to hold the course to our imaginary waypoint at 260. We jibed as very large dark clouds with electric charges moved toward us, but could not get much closer to our target direction.
We therefore dropped the main and fully unfurled the genoa, hoping to get closer to 260. After pushing the genoa out to starboard with the whisker pole, we managed to get there and also stabilized the boat.
We made it through the first dark clouds in about 25kn, but ended up breaking the pole under the next set of clouds.
We recovered the pieces and set the spinnaker pole instead. Since then we have a great time surfing the waves with speeds between 7 and 11knots.
The dark clouds moved on and we are sailing under blue skies with a few clouds here and there.
After a little more than five full days on the water, we are starting to sort out some of the carrots and oranges that are no longer good. We finished all bananas and grapefruit and the focus is now on eating avocados and tomatoes before they turn bad.
We had müsli with fruit in the morning, sandwiches for lunch and pork with peppers, onions and those awesome small Spanish potatoes for dinner (and of course some of Hilla’s Christmas cookies: “Spritzgebäck”)

One of the highlights of the day was a breaching whale that was almost completely airborne and not far from us. We learned a lot about demolition derby and sailed and Etmal of 147nm.

The stars are again unbelievable!


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