Straight outta Tioga

We are considering throwing the GPS over board as we proudly shot our first noonsite with the sextant and ended up only a few miles off (9nm in latitude and 17nm in longitude)
We pulled the hydro generator out and set up our fishing gear. The pink wobbler is working hard but has not yet caught a fish. We had sandwiches for lunch and enjoyed the sunshine. It is getting warmer.
As the wind shifted to the right and calmed down, the gennaker came out and helped push us forward.
When Hilla’s next bag of Christmas cookies came out and we heated up some malted wine with Amaretto our new crew member (“Gingerbreadman, or Lebkuchenmann”) showed up in style… he properly dismembered and devoured.

Max cooked us a nice Thai curry wih banana and the sunset was impressive. Soon the gennaker will come down and we prepare for the night.

Our Etmal today was 151nm.
We are 4 for 4 for great sailing days so far.
All are still unbathed but some changed some of their clothes by now;-)

Did you know that the closest star is 4.2 lightyears away, or that the milky way contains 100-400 billion stars?


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