What does it all mean?

Another night broad reaching under a sky with way too many stars to recognize most constellations was followed by a beautiful sunrise.
Ben prepared an eggs with tomato and avocado on bread breakfast late in the morning.
In the afternoon, we finally opened the first bag of Hilla’s (Max’ mom) Christmas cookies, Betmänchen”. They were outstanding. Thank you, Hilla!
The question on where that name comes from was added to our list of questions that we cannot answer out here.
As with any other of our long distance sails, we quickly get into all kinds of questions and often do not have the answers to them. Topics today circled around rainbows (how many can you have in parallel, why are they black&white at night, why is the color sequence reversed on the next rainbow…), creation of stars, how seabirds drink, the reason for all the changes in wind strength and direction, and if things are really random in this world?

For dinner, Ben prepared a Lemon Chicken with cumin seeds meal and as we sailed into the sunset, the first beers came out. Yes, the sea legs are growing.

The hydro generator keeps on generating more power than we can consume and most get hypnotized just watching it doing its work behind the boat.
Temperatures are still mild, we are surrounded by showers here and there (creating a very impressive rainbow) under otherwise blue skies. The sailing is pretty dry now. We saw our first bird today but otherwise no sea life.

Our Etmal today was another 168nm, we almost sailed 500nm in 3 days!

We are 3 for 3 now in terms of great sailing days.


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