Good-bye Europe

It took us about a day and a half to make it through the Canaries and as it was getting dark we saw fireworks in the distance, managed our way through the last wind shadow of the mountains and were welcomed by a large rainbow in the moonlight (shades of grey as opposed to the color spectrum you see during the day).
We continued reaching West under 2nd reef and a tiny genoa and had a great time throughout the night. Lot’s of extremely bright stars in between the clouds kept us busy finding the constellations we know.
In the morning, the islands disappeared behind the horizon and we enjoyed breakfast under blue skies. The freight train continues reaching West at high speeds.
We had salad for lunch and stir fry for dinner (so are slowly able to cook without getting seasick anymore).
Nobody has thrown up in the last 24 hours, but we are wondering if Max is starting to hallucinate as he starts seeing things …( clouds that look like dogs etc;-). )

Our Etmal was 155nm – which would have been Jake’s winning bid, had he not changed his mind in an evil attempt to cover the low side of the other bids in the last second.

A perfect day on the ocean.


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