Working on our sea legs

We couldn’t leave the marina without providing a little bit of Hafenkino… backing out of our box against the increasing winds meant that we were not able to turn Tioga for the way out. Instead, Tioga chose to back towards the pier with quite a crowd watching us wondering why we did not turn the other way…with the help of a few others we backed her into another berth, used a bowline to turn her on the way out and off we went.

Sailing down the coast of Lanzarote with 20N pushing for was a great start. When we turned West to sail in between Lanzarote and Fuerteventura conditions quickly changed… we had about 10-12ft swells and 23kn from slightly forward. A number of the steeper waves broke and we began our ocean dance.

Sleeping and eating are still a challenge (as always on the first 3 days of offshore sailing) and 3 of the 5 crew have already fed yhe fish.

By now, we are half way past Teneriffa and plan to sail more West than South to take advantage of the northerly wind.

Flying fish and shooting stars were the highlights so far.

The water is warm (25C/80F) and the air nice, we are in our full foul weather gear, though, aes the sailing is very wet.


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