Of wobblers and keel hauling

We bought way too much food – way to much – but more about the later.

A decision was made: we agreed that the forecast had improved sufficiently to not rush into our departure and leave today already.
With that, we are back to our original plan of leaving Friday afternoon. This also leave us sufficient time to spread the remaining work over two days and also carve out some time for the 3 amigos to rent a car and quickly tour parts of the island.

Of course that rental car trip had to be earned first. After a quick shower and breakfast in the cockpit, we went straight to it. The crew jumped into water to scrub the bottom (we tied a line around the boat/under the keel to pull rather swim under the boat), we replaced the reefing lines and lifesling cover, unpacked and stowed away all the items the team brought from the US. We took care of the paperwork for customs, got more fishing gear (wobblers in red as color apparently matters and should be aligned with our cruising speed, more wire leaders and a thinner fishing line (the current one is sized to catch large tuna in the 100’s of pounds range – which we do not want to catch, really)) and even managed to get some of the tooling we still need to repair the outboard bracket.

Buying a truckload of perishables and another nice meal out rounded off the day.
We have by now run out of space on the boat and filled just about every little space there is that could store some type of food. The captain is sleeping under a net full of apples. Jake has two nets filled with all kinds of fruit over his head. Most of the drawers store a combination of kitchen utensils and carrots or avocados. The waterline is long gone and so are our hopes to lose some weight during the trip….
On the other hand, we only live once and having a nice meal here and there will certainly make this trip more enjoyable.
If we only had a cook on board 😉





3 thoughts on “Of wobblers and keel hauling

  1. another adventure begins!! enjoy every moment boys especially the warm weather, its quite chilly here with gusty winds 😦 I’ll be following the blog and your course so don’t forget to update often!
    Sending love and hugs,


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