At full strength

We started the day taking care of various bits and pieces, like stowing away the remaining items, getting rid of a significant pile of empty carton boxes, getting the halyards sorted or the rail gates installed,… until we got old of the marina’s wheel barrow and a few jerry cans.
As it turns out, Marina Lanzarote might be one of the largest marinas out there that does not have a fuel dock, ie there is no way to get diese directly in the harbor.
We therefore took the wheel barrow and went for a walk, got 80l of diesel to top of the starboard tank and with that achieved our main goal for the day.
We also managed to complete steps 2 and 3 of the water treatment process and are now more or less set to got.

The highlight of the day was the arrival of the tres chicos from Nahant. Ben, Jake and Josh arrived at around 6pm and with that completed our crew.
They quickly unpacked, the captained finished some calls and we began to study the weather. At the end of the day, we made the call to leave on Friday to give us a little more time to get everything ready, see a little more of Lanzarote and take the pressure off.
For dinner we went to town in Arrecife and ate our preferred restaurant in town, La Tabernita del Charco. Very friendly people with outstanding food (and very good advice as to which places to visit as a tourist, or where else to eat). Lot’s of seafood combined with good wine and delicious desserts made for a good night out.

Roughly 10 more tasks and we are good to go…




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