Almost ready

We made a lot of progress today after we completed the looong shopping list last night. While the initial plan was to buy everything in one of the supermarkets that deliver, we ended up buying all the non-perishables at Lidl due to the very low prices. Unfortunately, we bought more than one “large” taxi could handle and filled up two of them. But at 15 Euros total taxi fare, we still got a very good deal.
It took us quite a while to carry endless carton boxes of food and drinks from the parking lot to the boat and even longer finding space for it all on the boat. About 80% is stowed away by now.
Clyde, our rigger, came back with the new rail-wire and installed them with Max. The new rail looks very robust and keeps us all safe.
We initiated the cleaning process of our water system and are waiting for tomorrow morning to replace the current chemicals with the next ones. We should be done with it all tomorrow.
Final highlight of the day was the installation of the Sta-Lok terminal on the inner forestay. We cut the forestay to length, followed the instructions and were pretty happy with the outcome.
The forecast looks a little better by now as the system is moving further north than initially predicted. Leaving on Friday seems a likely scenario again.
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