Work, work, work

Not a whole lot of interesting news.
We got up and went to work, boat work, work work, more boat work, more work work….
We found coolant for the engine, dropped off the bike, got the mainsail back and put it on, spent quite some time with the rigger to measure the new rail wire, picked the wrong inner forestay wire and wondered for half a day how we could install it (and then remembered with Kevin’s help that we had to new stored somewhere else), we installed the t-hooks and reconnected the running backstays, we installed the inner forestay’s upper end, cleaned out the v-berth, installed the liferaft and spent considerable time taking inventory of the food we have on board versus what we now still need to order. The Aries rudder was picked up for fiberglass work (same as the rail, it got damaged when somebody hit us in September).
all’n all quite a long day – but a successful day.
After our pasta dinner, we got a well deserved ice cream for desert (the ice cream place is about 1 minute away from the boat).
Just a few more days and we will be leaving. The forecast for Friday does not look very promising as we are expecting quite some wind in the afternoon (high 20’s with gusts in the 30’s) but at least from a good direction pushing us downwind to the south.
If we can pull it off, we might leave a day earlier to avoid the storm and make it further south before the calm following the storm catch up with us.
We’ll see what the rest of the crew thinks about that (and test their flexibility).
Marina Lanzarote.jpg

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