Weather with you

The day started a little later than planned. That is because the night club’s speakers were too good to ignore and played until 6am. The fact that the outboard which was leaning against the cockpit table fell over at 5am did not help. It is highly likely that the two 25 year-olds that were soon thereafter jumping over the wall to get away from the security guard might have something to do with this. At least good to know that I got some deeper sleep that night and the the security folks were watching …

Before I went to bed, I was watching Elfje, the tall yacht on yesterday’s photos, leave into the dark. Check out their website – quite an impressive toy.

the day started very well with blue skies, a light breeze and about 22C. There was lots of action on all the other boats. People were putting varnish on, prepping for their transatlantic etc.
I got quite a few things done and managed to rent a bike to get some exercise and more importantly check out the various supermarkets in town (Lidl, Mercadona, HiperDino). On the way, I ran into our good friend from Finland, Jan Selin. He was in the final stages of preparing his boat and left in the afternoon with a crew of two to the Cape Verdes.
I am always amazed how quickly brand new and often still unused equipment starts to corrode. Unpacking the hidden valuables was no different this morning. The fact that even the new shrouds already show surface corrosion indicates just how much salt is in the air over here.
On the other hand, I expected the boat to be covered in sand from the Sahara, but barely found a trace of that.
One of my goals for today was to charge all the equipment for the trip. I was surprised just how many items we carry these days that require a charge:
– spot light
– bluetooth speaker
– drone batteries 2x
– drone remote
– iridium phone
– video camera
– power bank 2x
– vhf
– GoPro camera
– laptop
– ipad
– cordless drill
– Dremel tool
– …
Of course, I forgot to check all of the converters and fried the one that only accepted 110V. One day, I’ll be more careful.
The mix of Spanish Christmas music with palm trees and warm temperatures is still a little unusual, but also quite nice (and better then the below freezing temperatures at home).
My song of the day was from Crowded House – “Weather with you”. It got me going after a night with too little sleep šŸ˜‰
Impressions from my bike ride to Costa Teguise:

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