The other kind of visitor

When riding my bike down south to Porto del Carmen (a very nice 17km coastal path) it occurred to me that most of the sailors visiting Lanzarote live in a totally different world than all the tourist I watched today. We will not get to see a hotel or apartment from the inside, we will likely not sit at the beach or frequent all the restaurants, in fact we barely have time to see much of the island because of all the boatwork and never ending preparation for the next long distance sail.
It does not mean that we do not have a good time, not at all – it is just very different,  but still thoroughly enjoyable.

I was quite surprised to see that all our digital charts had disappeared from our iPad when testing all systems last night. A few hours later is was all fixed, but shows how dependent on electronics we are these days.
Today, was more mechanical as I also ran the engine to ensure all was good – and it wasn’t.
An hour later, we had the water pump running again and are all set here as well.
Unfortunately, there is no fuel dock in Arrecife, so we will need to find an alternative to fill our diesel tanks. More to come.
By now we finally have all the parts to assemble the inner forestay again and got the terminal to receive them all.
Max arrived this afternoon from Berlin and we will climb up the mast tomorrow to install the new t-hooks and inner forestay.

Impressions from today’s trip to Porto del Carmen:


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