19.7 kg

After a very short night (the price you pay when visiting a Weihnachtsmarkt with good friends) and an early bus ride to Hamburg airport, I was quite relieved to see the scale at check-in show 19.7 kg. With the spinnaker I had brought over from the US earlier weighing 18kg already, there was not much room for more equipment to fit into the 20kg limit.
A very heavy computer bag and a sailing bag as hand luggage made it all work (the fact that we only  need t-shirts and short did certainly help). Roughly 5hrs of flight time later it all arrived safely on the Canaries.

Where does all this lead?

We are ramping up for the next adventure: roughly 3000nm from Lanzarote to Trinidad. Our goal is to leave by the end of next week, ideally Friday afternoon on the 16th.
This time we will be sailing with a crew of 5:

Ben Zack
Jake Baldwin
Josh Antrim
Philip Kersten
Max Brueck

While Josh and Max know Tioga from previous trips, Jake has a special situation.
His grandfather, Big Bob, used to own the boat (then called “Boomerang”) before the Kerstens bought her. Both, Big Bob and Bob, Jake’s dad and a very good friend of us, have crossed the Atlantic before; it is nice to see that tradition continue with Jake now (plus Jake spent the last months in the great outdoors with NOLS and therefore brings valuable knowledge and stories along…).
That makes Ben, a fellow Dory Club member, the only real newcomer. Given his enthusiasm he already showed during the preparation for this trip, I can’t wait to see him in action on the boat.

Tioga was in good shape. The marina had checked on her every 2 weeks and found water in the bilge or any other problem.
Other than the fact that someone else had crashed int Tioga in September.
Funny how months go by and still nothing got fixed during our absence. Luckily, the rigger came by this afternoon and we agreed on a way forward to rebuild the broken rail in time for our departure. I am sure we can fix the other smaller issues in time as well.

It looks like all boats that came here for the various long-distance regattas (Barbados 50, ARC, RORC etc) have left now and we have mostly cruisers around us, including some significantly larger yachts – lot’s to see…

That’s all for now



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