Video – Unpacking the mast

Catching up on all the video files we created during this summer, here is a first quick glimpse on how we started the mast assembly in early July.

The mast was built in the USA (California) and then shipped from Los Angeles via the Panama Canal to Hamburg (with many many stops in between).
From there it went via Customs in Rendsburg to Ancker Yachting in Kappeln, where the very friendly and competent staff unloaded the precious cargo…
Kevin Montague from Northeast Rigging arrived the same day from Boston and organized us very well to assemble the mast in record time of 3.5 days (for an assembly with amateur helpers and without the usual tools he has available in the US).
Due to the mast’s late arrival (by about a month) we had to cancel the first leg (from Germany to Sweden) and cut the second leg (Sweden to Norway) in half.

The mast made it in one piece to Lanzarote with only a few and also manageable hick-ups (we had to built new partners and retape the mast boot in Norway, rebuild the vang bracket threads/bolts in Lanzarote, …).
Once the mast is back home in the US, we will take care of the remaining mostly cosmetic items.


One thought on “Video – Unpacking the mast

  1. Hi Tioga crew! What a beauty… We really envy you for that perfect piece of mast.
    You might have seen our corroding mast in full bloom at Ancker’s. It’s a nuisance.

    We are still not yet in the leaving-modus although there is not much more than only 9 month prep time ahead until we will set sails again (to follow you guys in the wake :-). But panic will break out soon, for sure.
    We hope things are going really well for you.

    Fair Winds and Following Seas!
    Best Regards,
    Stefanie Jonne Line Volker


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