Execution, execution

We got a lot of things done today.
Although Ulf and the captain spent a fair bit of time on conference calls, a lot of our action items got done:
– all foul weather gear was washed (in the inflatable) and dried (by pulling it up the mast for all to see) – 3 of 8 sleeping bags were washed and dried
– all boots were washed
– all ripped out hinges and door knobs were epoxied back in place – lose screws were tightened
– the pedestal hole filled
– the port water tank emptied out
– the clutches on the mast were cleaned, tightened and reinstalled
– most importantly, the screws of the vang bracket were replaced after drilling and tapping larger threads and using larger screws!! -…

Great team work and good to see it all come together.
The captain managed to squeeze in some time to listen to Jimmy Cornell (who is hosting an all week cruising seminar).
That is also the reason why the harbor is packed with ocean going vessels that we will check out soon; a lot of live-aboards and interesting sailboats for sure.

La Graciosa

Initially the phrase of “anchoring on the moon” came to mind when we arrived early in the morning in La Graciosa. But then we felt that La Graciosa looked more like the west in the US, very similar to the Grand Canyon – quite a place and very different from the other Canarian islands.

Studying the cruising guide during the voyage from Madeira to the Canaries, we realized that an anchor permit had to be requested days in advance. Even a slip in the marina required an advance request to Gran Canaria before security would allow one into the harbor. We therefore decided to anchor at Playa Francesca and hope for the best. There were a handful of other sailboats at anchor and we learned that the best way to get a slip was to walk the 2.5km to the harbor and talk to the harbor master.
Of course, harbor masters do not work on weekends on La Graciosa and therefore we were out of luck. After a cool beer and a nice walk we were back on the boat.
In the meantime, two large catamarans had unloaded their cargo and the beach was now full of people…
We caught up on sleep before checking out the island a little more and then headed back to town for a nice meal.
Of course one thing led to another and before we knew it, it was early in the morning when we walked through the desert in the dark – a night to remember…

La Graciosa is truly worth a visit

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