3 for 3 with icing on the cake

We have spent a significant amount of time trying to get our propane tanks refilled in Ireland (where we ended up renting a car to buy a local tank), Spain (where we were sent from one city to the next) and mainland Portugal (where we were told that it was illegal to refill a tank in Portugal).
We were therefore quite doubtful when the very friendly marina staff offered to get our empty tank refilled. It just sounded too good to be true.
Anyways, as promised the refilled tank was ready for us exactly at 17:30 and we left the marina for our sail to the Canaries.

In the morning, after Peter, Ulf and Björn had dropped off Frankie at the airport and gone grocery shopping, we started our next attempt to unclog the head. We had tried various plungers from under the boat, built up pressure inside etc and finally decided to take some of the hoses apart… Long story short, we got it all fixed, it was not messy at all and neither human waste nor toilet paper were part of the problem. How what we pushed out of the system got in there we might never find out…
Given that we had already received the repaired gennaker back from the local sailmaker, Tachabio (?), whom we had a good-bye beer with (and of course with Jan), we were at 3 for 3.
On top of that, a lot of work work got done, the newly acquired plungers helped us to unclog the deck drain, we scrubbed the water line and hiked a truly amazing path to the eastern most tip of the island (will post photos soon).
So, a very successful day that ended with perfect sailing conditions (NE 12, sailing SE under a clear sky with lots and lots of stars and very mild temperatures) and Björn’s awesome chicken curry.
Too bad, Frankie missed it all. We wish him good luck with his new job in Chicago. It is good to be back at sea again.

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Crew from Ireland to Portugal

A few more photos of our crew that sailed from Cork in Ireland to Cascais in Portugal. We left Ireland a little earlier than initially planned to benefit from the northerly winds and had a great sail to Spain. Temperatures were quickly getting warmer, sealife was abundant and the cultural experiences in Ireland, Spain and Portugal fantastic. We sailed about 950nm, had no technical issues and apart from a little fog here and there, perfect weather.

Alex Vogel (he left us as planned in A Coruna)
Marc Carbone
Max Brueck
UIf Westhoven (who took Alex’s spot in Baiona)

Philip Kersten

img_1889 img_1647  img_1682  img_2796