Spotted dolphin is no longer eluuusive!

Another glorious day aboard the Tioga! We started the day with a little bacon and eggs. The sky is still overcast and the wind is light. Just after breakfast we needed to start the engine to charge the batteries and give us a little push on the correct course towards Madeira. We lounge a little as we motor along, and discover we have a crisis of a clogged head, we’ll deal with that later. Its time for a little improvement to the personal hygiene climate as some of the crew takes a good old fashioned bucket shower. The water is refreshing, but not cold. After a hearty lunch of all the strange expired goods in the fridge we shut down the engine and enjoy a smooth quiet sail. And then, from the helm Peter spots a pod of dolphins, could it be? The Eluuusive Spotted dolphin. YES uncle Dan, we have finally found them! The pod of about 15 to 20 dolphins stay with us for only a few minutes and then continue on their way. Peter and Frankie begin to prepare dinner and Steve, Bj√∂rn, Ulf and Philip set the sail package to wing on wing to give us the most direct course to Madeira. We settle in for a nice steak dinner, with salad, zucchini, and a vintage 2016 red table wine. ( the captain has relaxed the 2 drink a day rule, since he had his 2 at lunch already) we are currently sitting in the cockpit watching the sun peak through the clouds, hoping for a clear night so we can the carpet of stars above.