The truth is – nothing else happened

The water turned from dark green to dark blue. The temperatures were moderate. Winds were good throughout the day but diminishing over dinner time. The sailors and their stomachs a settling in. We enjoyed the fabulous meal of chili, salad and a cold beer. Big surprise – another unsuccessful day fishing…
We deployed the hydro generator and got that working.

We made good distance with an Etmal of 160nm (that Steve guessed correctly to the mile).
@ Marc (#Legend), watch out, Steve is on your tail, you might have to hand your badge in soon 😉


2 thoughts on “The truth is – nothing else happened

  1. Just read the last post and thinking how much I wish Lili and I were there with you! Funny though, we are in NYC – probably the exact polar opposite (physical surroundings) of where you are now. Enjoy your time at sea and reflect on how lucky you are to be experiencing something only few people ever get to do! Love to you all ❤️


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