The Jumbo Firedrill

After a ( for some of us) very late night out, we got organized to take care of the remaining items before our departure. We needed water, groceries, and a few other items, exchange burgees, return power adapters, check out of the marina/country, take final shower and stow equipment away…
The biggest and most important task was food shopping at Jumbo, the local grocery store. We learned quickly that some details got lost in translation during our initial inquiry on Sunday and that we had only about 30 min to buy everything we needed – clearly not even close to the two hours we had planned for.
Nevertheless, Ulf had our shopping list and sent Steve, Björn and Philip all over the supermercado to collect at least the critical or heavy items in lightning speed. It was quite a rush. We managed to get the first 2 carts in line just in time and due to the very slow check out process had sufficient time to collect another cart full of food before the final check out.
The food got delivered at 16:00 and we left the marina to set sails at 17:00 ( just past the SB20 worlds). The change in wind speed and direction was significant as we went from almost zero from the southwest to 15kn from the North in minutes.
Happy that we had the wind we were looking for, we got going, went through our safety protocols and settled into our routine.
Ulf cooked us a nice tuna with rice meal as we sailed together with Jan on La Vida (he had left an hour earlier to sail with us for a while) through the quite busy shipping lanes.
The water is getting warmer already and the stars are coming out. Nice to be back on the ocean – life is still good.

We are hoping to make it to Madeira in about 4 days….

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