Steve, I am back on the canoe again

Today is the beginning of our next leg, Portugal to Canary Islands (via Madeira), and it was blowing quite a bit in the anchorage (enough to make us nervous and work out various options to safely make it into the harbor).
Just like last time – after a long debate, we were lucky again as the stiff northerly breeze turned 180 degrees and calmed down (what are the chances?) We had picked up Steve at the yacht club just in time to motor in and tie up at the pontoon in very calm conditions.

And then it was like Christmas again – Peter brought all the goodies from the US we were waiting for to continue our boat work. We replaced the fresh water pump and the entire hose system attached to it, while Steve and Frankie installed the whisker pole brackets on the mast (yes, we let the two jet legged newcomers drill holes into the new mast…).
Ulf went for a jog.

After Bjoern arrived, we had our welcome drinks in the cockpit (with Linda’s present to Peter, a fresh bottle of Jameson), the wind picked up and we went to town  for our first crew dinner.

Overall a very successful day…

And now to our title – Peter’s boss, Steve, a regular follower of the blog fondly tells co-workers of how Peter did a transatlantic crossing in a canoe. While Tioga is no canoe it is certainly larger than the kayak Steve rides. He often complains about the rough waters on the lake that he paddles on.
Steve, Peter is back on the canoe again and very happy 😉

IMG_7124  IMG_7127

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