Down by Two

Today we reached the end of a fantastic leg and with that unfortunately had to say good-bye to Marc (this morning at 6am after moving Tioga back to the blocked of fireworks area) and Max (tonight at 10pm after our dinner at the Italian-Indian restaurant we found so strange we had to try out).

We initially meant to combine a work day with some more sightseeing in Lisbon, but then decided to stay in Cascais, rent some bikes and check out the coastline around Guincho (the local surf spot).
The look and feel of the area changed significantly the more we made it around the corner to the north and we had to push the pedals quite a bit to make it against the decent breeze and uphill to the western-most point of continental Europe, Cabo da Roca.

On the way back to the boat, we met Jan (the single-handed sailor from Finland that we had seen in A Coruna already) and enjoyed listening to all the adventures he had already experienced (and very happy to have a few more than one as crew on our legs).

IMG_6964  IMG_6948