Swings and roundabouts

Today was everything but a steady day; starting off on wonky legs after yesterdays extensive port wine sampling, we marched back to Chirchill’s Caves- the port winery we, disappointingly, found closed yesterday evening. Pablo, our guide for the tour, took a lot of time guiding us not only through the solemn halls of the site, but also the rich sensations of the selected wines. Pablo obviously did a good job, seeing us leave the property with a range of their favorites and behind our planned schedule.

Leaving the Douro river we found ourselves veiled in thick fog again, wind blowing steadily in our backs, allowing us to bring out the genaker. The next few hours were dominated by high waves but generally good cruising conditions until suddenly the genaker tore. Luckily, after some minutes of tension, we were able to pack up its remains and, unfurling the genua, continue our journey south.

The evening bore another highlight, when Mark, our sealegged caretaker legend, served an awesome dish of lamb and beans. Yum!

IMG_6854  IMG_2627


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