We had a nice sail through the night. Although our gennaker had exploded yesterday, we still made good speed and zig-zagged around our rumb line (the wind was too northerly to sail straight to the next waypoint) towards Cascais (on the outskirts of Lisbon).
Except for one jibe we had to make to avoid a close encounter with a freighter at 4am, it was generally an uneventful sail.

It was interesting to see how the water depth changed quickly from 100s of feet to 1000s and back again.
When the wind died down, we started the engine to move on. As the water got shallower, we saw dolphins again and the sun came out when we rounded the cape towards Lisbon.

Cascais turned out to be a very nice place that is packed with people until late at night. The marina is very large and international (we have French, Swedish, German, American and Australian neighbors) and hosts a lot of remarkable yachts.

Our late night dinner in town exposed us to yet new versions of Iberian food, more live music and other entertainment.


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