Morbid and Maintained

It took us a while to get going this morning, business work, registration in Portugal, dealing with the heavy rain of the thunderstorm slowed us down.
After a nice walk along the Douro river, we reached Gaia (where the port wine is made/stored in the cellars) and then then the footbridge across the river. We had expected some interesting sites in this city of 1.2 million, but were overwhelmed by the beauty and size of this large old town where every corner we took revealed yet another interesting or historically relevant site – just amazing.
Porto is truly an amazing city that is worth a visit.
We enjoyed the narrow and winding streets, had lunch soaking in the vibe of Porto and even found a traditional barber shop (with the old chairs etc from decades ago) were Ulf and Marc got their well deserved hair cut.
We tried to visit the very interesting bookstore (where it is believed JK Rowling came up with a lot of the ideas for the Harry Potter story) but were reluctant to pay for visiting a book store (never mind waiting in line for a long time to get a ticket to visit the store).
A traditional Portuguese Cod snack with Port wine helped us through the afternoon before we settled for a nice seafood dinner close to the marina (after we learned that the Port wine tours were not offered after 18:00 (the difference in working hours between Spain and Portugal is quite significant)). Of course, the restaurant had a nicely smoking grill out on the walkway – we found it thanks to one of the lovely local grandmothers whose gesture were easy to follow…We were also finally able to order Percebes (a type of barnacle that was sold out in all prior places we saw it on the menu). A very tasty appetizer. While physically very different (it looks like turtle feet) it reminded us of Cracas we had on the Azores last year.

Tasting more Port wine and a few deserts later this night complemented another perfect day. We were thankful that the weather turned out that well (after the quite heavy thunderstorms in the morning) and hope to visit a Port wine tour tomorrow before leaving to Lisbon.

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