Looking for shade

Today was a welcome slow day. We got groceries and laundry done, used the beautiful club house for business work, strolled around the impressive castle and were throughout the day looking for shade. We even rigged the large sun-cover to keep us and the boat cool.
It was another sunny and calm day in Galicia.

The facilities of the Monte Real Club Yates are very good, the staff extremely friendly and most speak English – an easy environment to feel at home.

In the evening, Ulf arrived after a long journey and we celebrated his arrival with an outstanding Spanish meal and lots of Rioja (even our favorite ice cream place was still open at 1am).
Hopefully the forecast for  tomorrow holds true and we will leave towards Portugal with some northerly wind (currently it is dead calm and fog moved in).

DJI_0009 (4)  DJI_0016 (5)


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