And it keeps on getting better

When we changed our plans yesterday, we were not so sure that the detour to Muros was a good idea. In hindsight, it
was a very good one.
Not only did we meet super-friendly Pedro (and his colleague that spoke English extremely well), enjoyed walking the narrow streets, taking in amazing vistas of the mountains, the ria and the fish farms, but also decided this morning to walk 5km to the beach and lagune. And what a walk it was; winding roads overlooking the ocean, small villages and the bouquet of the wild woods along the way – with quite a reward at the end, an extremely picturesque lagone, Lagoa de Luro, in combination with very large sand dunes, an endless beach with huge breaking waves, framed by mountains on either side.
Not too bad for a start.
We got back to the marina by noon, had a quick shower and moved on. As predicted, the wind filled in, we set our sails and sailed along an impressive landscape.
What made this sail even more remarkable was not only the dark blue sky, but the 10-14 feet rolling swell. It was breathtaking to see these waves hit the rocks we navigated around and listen to the thunder when they exploded – very nice.
As we bore off the last point, we changed to the gennaker and had a very nice broad reach in monster waves towards Islas Cies. The usual firedrill takedown (the wind had significantly increased by then) was followed by a search for a good anchorage. We found one (a little rolly but still quite nice) and had a nice seafood meal, lots of salad and a mango desert.
We are still not tired of the Rioja and our Spanish is improving with each bottle – Ai Caramba 😉

IMG_2274  DJI_0011 (3)