What about Pedro?

We had organized our schedule around the forecast westerly wind for the sail down south – but that never materialized. We rounded the famous Cap Finisterre (also referred to as Costa del Morte) and ended up motor-sailing and instead of reaching the Islas Cies, we stopped at Muros – which turned out to be a good choice. A modern marina in an old fishing town setting with lots of restaurants and bars.
Our somewhat eccentric harbor master, Pedro, checked us in, copied our paper, showed as two living-room like hangout areas and did not waste any opportunity to over-accentuate his moves in a flamboyant Spanish way (after starting a false-haggle about the marina fees…) 😉
The initially thick cloud-cover turned into blue skies over lunch and we enjoyed another sunny day ashore.
English seems to be more common here and we enjoyed strolling around, connecting with the real world (we watched the US beat Spain in basketball and Spain win the badminton Gold etc) and having again another great dinner.

More wind is predicted for tomorrow afternoon and we hope to reach our next destination , Islas Cies, then.

Live is still good – live it to its fullest…

IMG_9799  IMG_2234

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