There is paella in Galicia

Today’s highlight was another UNESCO world heritage site (2 in 2 days now), Santiago de Compostela – the famous city at the end of the  Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. The train ride took less than an hour and the old town was just amazing, like a Disneyland for history buffs.
While the inner city was filled with tourists, we had a great time strolling around, waiting in line to see the tomb of apostle Saint James under the cathedral and many, many other very old and beautiful buildings… – and most importantly:

We found a restaurant that served paella!
Ordering various kinds allowed us to sample a wider variety and finally satisfy Alex’s craving.

We enjoyed that nice lunch, took the train back to A Coruna and took care of groceries and numerous other errands. A burgee was exchanged with the Real Club Nautico Coruna and the first course of our dinner organized at El Rey del Jamon.

After the outstanding appetizer at the King of Ham, we went to our favorite place around the corner and enjoyed another typical Galician meal. The by now obligatory ice cream stop at the local ice cream parlor rounded off the day.

Tomorrow, we will tackle the first half of the sail around the corner.

IMG_2031  IMG_6512

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