A Coruna

We hate to start our blog post on a negative note, but
there is not paella in Spain,
not every waiter is friendly and
it is ok to move to another restaurant if needed…

We had another great day in A Coruna, strolling around, absorbing the history and Spanish way of life around us. We went to the around 2000 year old light house, Torre de Hercules, checked out the old sailor’s church from 1300 and meandered around town.
Due to the holiday, most stores were closed and we postponed our grocery shopping etc until tomorrow. Philip found some internet access at the Real Club Nautico A Coruna but was not able to exchange burgees yet (planned for tomorrow).

Back to the above – we followed some local advise on our hunt for Paella but learned that despite prior inquiry and confirmation by the waiter, that not everything is as it seems. We went on to find another very nice tapas place and enjoyed lots of pulpo and other local delicacies. Our favorite were the Boquerones (anchovies).

Back at the boat, the fog had subsided and we decided to take the drone for a first night flight (and even got some standing ovations when we landed it again at the dock).


DJI_0037  IMG_1984

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