Heading South

While it is not getting warmer yet, it will be soon.
We had left Crosshaven at 8:00 in the morning under blue skies and a westerly breeze. Motoring against the current down the channel, the sails were quickly set and the new crew settled into its routine.
An Irish customs vessel paid us a last visit and validated our information before the beautiful cliffs of Southern Ireland disappeared behind the horizon.
Sailing conditions were perfect, a 15-20kn westerly breeze, blue skies and 6-8foot seas made for an enjoyable ride.
The crew caught up on lots of sleep, enjoyed a visit by dolphins and a very nice seafood meal, cooked by Marc. The boys are slowly getting used to the motion of the boat.

So far, the weather forecast and routing have turned out to be very accurate (we continue to use iPolar, Weather4D Pro and iNavX in combination with Iridium GO). We are hoping for another 15 hrs of westerly wind before we transition into a new system with northeasterly wind (after motoring for half a day)

It is nice to be out on the blue ocean again and follow a different rhythm (and not having to worry about rocks, markers, etc)

IMG_1677  IMG_1669