Off to Cork

We are moving on.
While the gale is losing its strength, we are getting ready for the sail to Cork. From Monday afternoon, NW wind is forecast. We are positioning us over night and throughout Monday to be ready to turn the corner (Tuskar Rock) when that happens.

this meant that Dan had to leave us in Howth already today (he would have otherwise missed his flight back home on Tuesday). We already miss him dearly.
On the flipside, Max already joined us today as he was in Ireland already on his way to meeting us in Cork.
Linda, Ellen and Philip took advantage of the waiting time and walked the Howth Cliff walk, a very nice (and surprisingly busy) along the shore of the peninsula. Cathy prepared another great meal.

The clouds are clearing up and we are starting to work out a plan to get Tioga backed out of her slip into the hauling winds and turn her around…

IMG_1564  IMG_1566

The crew from Norway to Scotland

Below a few more photos of our group that sailed across the North Sea:

Ernst Iversen
Don Henke
Corinna Kersten
Nick Kersten
Lauren Kersten
Philip Kersten

We sailed about 470nm, crossed the North Sea and motoring down the Caledonian Canal. Stop-overs in Mandel, Sogndalstrand, Inverness etc provided very different experienced.

IMG_0107  IMG_0142  IMG_0363  IMG_0453  IMG_9848  IMG_0488