Message in a bottle

Tioga leaves Campbeltown harbour as an emergency crew tries to raise a sunken fishing boat. The captain maneuvered Tioga flawlessly out of the tight pontoon area, and we set off to Dublin. As we are sailing due south 175°-180° with a northwesterly wind, it should be a 24 hour sail and cover 120 miles. Thankful for no rain and sunny skies in the distance, the crew settled in nicely.

We crafted a greeting in the hopes that another sea worthy vessel would come upon it, put it in an empty wine bottle, and tossed the message into the Irish Sea with a kiss.

Message as follows:

August 4, 2016
“With a crew of six on board,
We are heading from the Nord;
On our way to Ireland,
As we leave the Isles of Scotland.
We are lucky for this wind,
And sunny skies abound,
You should feel lucky too,
As you are the one who found.
Tioga made her journey from Nahant,
On a fine June day last year;
As she tracks her way back home,
She wishes to leave some cheer.”

Tioga 1444 Crew
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