Impressions of the crew from Germany to Norway

Below are a couple of photos of our crew that sailed from Kappeln, Germany, to Kristiansand, Norway:

Maureen DeCenzo
Olivia Fulghum
Marielle Fulghum
John Fulghum
Corinna Kersten
Nick Kersten
Lauren Kersten
Philip Kersten

We left Kappeln July 5th and sailed about 350nm to Kristiansand where we arrived July 12. Waiting out stronger winds south of Fyn, hitting a rock quite hard to take Tioga out of the water in Aarhus and dealing with decent westerly winds on the North Sea made for a sportive trip. We’ll publish the video of the Free-Fall later…

A BIG Thank You!!! for all your help and patience.

IMG_9591  IMG_9776  IMG_9747  IMG_9718

IMG_9717  IMG_9780  IMG_9719  IMG_9504

As always – click on the photos see more….


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