After a very nice day in the sun with perfect broad reaching conditions, the wind slowly calmed down and we ended up having to motor the rest of the night to Howth.
Howth is one of the northern suburbs of Dublin and home to the Howth Yacht Club.
Howth Yacht Club is a very active club and famous for being the home of the world’s oldest one-design racing keelboat class, the Howth Seventeen Footer.
We found a berth by 7am and were welcomed by the yacht club’s receptionist. Facilities very good and internet fast.
Philip and Dan tried to refill the by now empty LPG tank (of the two we carry) but without success. Getting hold of one of the three local sailmakers to strengthen one of the genoa’s lashings or to find appropriate replacement batteries for our housebank (they are not holding the charge very long anymore) also turned out fruitless.
none of the items very critical and we moved on.
The girls took the 30 min train to Dublin (where they met our Norwegian friends yet again – showing how small of a world we live in) while Dan and Philip took care of business work.

In the evening (after watching some of the Seventeen Footer races) we met with the Vice Commodore and exchanged burgees.
A nice meal in a local restaurant rounded off the day.

IMG_6309  IMG_1342

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