Kuchenbude needed

We left Tarbert under sunny skies. The day was uneventful for the most part, except for the dark ominous clouds in the distance. We covered 35 miles sailing the Firth of Lorne and Kilbrannan Sound. We sailed close hauled along the Sound with periodic, startling wind blasts, where the air was channeled through the mountains. We tacked our way to Campbeltown Harbour in moderate drizzle and misty fog. We were met by a jolly Scot, who assisted us with a very tight pontoon docking.

The Kuchenbude was set up, since the rain continued. We noticed that one of the hatches was not closed properly in the v-berth, so clothes, sleeping bags and mattresses got a wee bit wet, as one would term it in Scotland. This German/American crew would refer to this as “soaked”, so Corinna and Linda went to the launderette to dry the gear. We ended the day with a hearty, warm dinner of chili, dressed with shredded cheese, chives and sour cream that was warmly welcomed by captain and crew and took the raw out of our chilly bones. Aye!


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