What a place!

We had arrived in Tarbert in the evening (after sailing from the Crinan canal for about 2hrs) and tied up in the large and relatively empty marina (right next to our friends, Terry and Sharon, from North Ireland).
The way into the cove very picturesque and the floats were new and relatively large.
Showers were free and internet very fast.
The crew enjoyed the fantastic weather, went shopping in town, replenished food for the next 5 days etc.
Dan spent some time cleaning the outboard (with vinegear and water and a large trash can) and we said good-bye to Terry and Sharon.
The scenery of this old and very protected fishing harbor was impressive and we were glad we stopped for a visit.
A very nice meal at Starfish rounded of the day.
The plan is to leave Tarbert in the morning before the wind turns south and make it to Campbeltown (our jump-off point to Ireland).

Studying the weather for a while, it looks very likely that we will cross over to Ireland on Thursday – keep your fingers crossed that the weather will indeed provide NW winds then.

IMG_1241  DJI_0015 (5)

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