Rum Island

The day started at Isle of Skye. After a lovely overnight in Loch Scavaig, we awoke to another sunny day. A team of four left the boat at 8:30 am to hike our new surroundings. Two stayed behind to prepare breakfast. The terrain was mountainous and rocky, yet pleasantly not slippery. Almost immediately, we were a group of three and one, as Philip climbed to the top like a fast mountain goat with his camera around his neck, and thus, the three Nahant chicks headed out on an easier path. We climbed up and over rocks, walked through marshy grasses, found a fresh water river, and a beautiful rainbow! After returning from the hike (and 5 shower-less days), we decided to plunge off Tioga into the crisp, clean, icy waters of Scotland. The water was colder than Nahant, but all so refreshing, except for the placenta-like jellyfish we saw on our departure. Breakfast consisted of eggs, bacon, haggis, sausages, black pudding, some foreign square shaped meat (everyone’s least favorite), and coffee (mmmm). As dozens of seals bid us farewell, we laughed and realized how special this place is.

Next stop, Rhum Island (spelled Rum as well), located due South, to visit the Castle of Kinloch. Of course, there was competition to take the helm under pristine conditions. Once anchored at Rum, we went ashore, and learned that the castle is referred to as “a temple of personal indulgence.” Hmmmmm…. We saw Horses and colts, and learned that the horse ancestry is over a 1,000 years old, and was home to Scotland’s earliest settlers who dropped anchor some 8,500 years ago. The Isle of Rhum was owned by the same family until 1957. We skipped the hour long tour of indulgence, and decided the castle was reflective of one that could be found in Newport, RI. From here, we headed South again to Coll Island. Our plan is to rent bicycles to tour the island. Our sail was uneventful, yet once again, a perfectly beautiful sail with great conversation and peaceful reflection.

IMG_1089  IMG_6108

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