winter is coming

Are we on the set of Game of Thrones, dreary day. cold and rainy in Scotland. Philip and Dan trekked to a local farm on the Island of Kerrera to buy fresh meat. The lonely, but sultry, farmer’s daughter invited them for tea. Alas no time. Her farm was home to cattle, peacocks and, of course, goats. Corinna, Ellen, Linda and Cathy toured the Oban distillery. The diesel continues to vex captain and crew. Westerbeke and dealers no longer offer the failed diesel return line. No worries… The A-Team of Dan, Philip and Linda, rigged a very successful solution using epoxy and granola box. Thought leaders! Corinna, Ellen and Cathy would have provided input, but were engrossed in intelligent discussion and taste testing on whether Jack Daniels Fire is better than Fireball. The epoxy granola box engine fix worked, and we successfully motored sailed through the Sound of Mull to the beautiful port of Tobermory, where the land is colorful and the sea is calm.

IMG_6055  DJI_0025

One thought on “winter is coming

  1. I’m glad your McGiver skills helped with the leak. Linda must be glad I suggested to pack the really warm clothing. And not surprised that Uncle Dan was able to find detailed a goat – I bet the whole boat has now heard the Famous Goat Joke! I also noticed the Jameson bottle in the photo – I’m hoping for full one in Lisbon. Best of luck on the continued journey, and tell Dan to fix the damn diesel – that’s why you’re on This CREW! and Yes you did sign up for it. Love to my wife!

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