Home alone

On Saturday,
Ernst, Don and the kids helped us through a couple of the locks before leaving by bus (and then train) to Edinburgh.
We already miss them quite a bit (although it is nice to have the boat all to ourselves…;-) ).
We are expecting Dan on Monday evening and the girls, Linda, Ellen and Cathy, on Tuesday. Anyways,
We moved on and motored with our usual group of four (an Irish boat, Hercia, a Scottish boat, A J Wunderlust, (under US flag) and a charter boat (with Frenchies)) through the locks and bridges. Hercia took care of giving advance notices to the lock keepers and we therefore moved relatively swiftly towards the SW.
At lock Laggan we started going downhill again. Loch Lochy was quite impressive with larger mountains on either side.
Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest mountain, became visible at the end, marking the first time we saw snow from the water.
We tied up just before Neptun’s Staircase and finished the day with a typical Scottish meal in the pub, Lochy.

IMG_0561  IMG_0537


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