Dolphins and 1 inch hail

We made it through the oil platform jungle in time for sunrise and sailed further toward  the Moray Firth. With lightning on the horizon, we expected some action, but were still surprised by 2-3cm sized hail – a little painful on heads and hands but beautiful to see splashing into the water.
After we made it through a handful of thunderstorms, the wind started to calm down and we ended up motoring to Inverness. In addition to beautiful green, rolling hills and the typical granite houses, we were welcomed by a whale, a couple of seals and lots of dolphins.
Apparently, the Murray Firth dolphins are quite famous. Check out Charlie Phillips’ book, On a Rising Tide, about them.

Unfortunately, our diesel injector leak has become quite bad. So bad, that we cannot continue without getting it repaired first (we had the entire bilge filled with diesel last night – and the captain almost losing his mind 😉  ).
We filled a couple of our water jugs to get the diesel out, but they were not even close to the volume we needed to handle.
More to come.

IMG_0110  IMG_0130


One thought on “Dolphins and 1 inch hail

  1. Hey Philip,

    Glad to hear  that you made it safely, with such a nice welcome from mother nature (both the hail and the sea life). Bummer to hear that the diesel leak has evolved to such a point. I saw Dan and Peter the other night and Dan sent me a nice photo of all the nice shinny parts that you’ll likely need for the repair, too bad things couldn’t have held out for a few more days.

    In any case enjoy your time in Scotland and let me know if there is anything that I can help with from afar.

    Say hello to everybody for me,



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